Revolutionary Technologies (RevTech) is a company that has built its foundation on the single notion that the customer is, and always will be, our top priority. With a team that represents 30 years experience within the tax and revenue realm of state and federal municipalities, we have a unique insight to providing the tools needed in order to manage your online sales tax obligations.

After spending years working with governmental agencies to build the infrastructure needed to shift our methods of collection to a centralized online tax system, we took a step back and realized that there was one critical piece of the puzzle missing – the end user. How does a merchant comply with a new sophisticated tax system if they don’t have the necessary tools to do so? We decided to answer that question by developing a SaaS site to remove this expensive and time consuming administrative burden. We took matters into our own hands and the vision of RevTech began. The I-Taxulator suite provides an automated approach for accurately calculating and filing these taxes,.

We believe that business owners should be concerned about one thing – running their business. However, that sometimes seems to get pushed to the side in order to maintain and comply with all the rules and regulations that come into play with being your “own boss.” This is especially the case when you do business all over your state, multiple states, or the entire country. RevTech’s I-Taxulator solution is built for everyone.

Q: What if I only do business in a couple locations on a limited basis annually and only need to file?

A: No problem, we provide an affordable model that allows you to simply log on, click a few buttons, and sit back while the filing is completed with an audit trail for your records.
Q: I conduct hundreds to thousands of transactions in various states throughout the year and can’t possibly calculate the correct tax jurisdictions manually! What can I do?

A: RevTech provides the software needed to keep precise records in real-time at the point-of-sale. It is simply downloaded from our site and imbedded into your “checkout” screen. No more worrying about when a new law is put in place or what tax jurisdiction overlaps another, I-Taxulator takes the fuss out of “checking out” on your web page.

Q: Real-time calculation on my check out screen sounds great, but I am not web page guru! How am I supposed to add this to my existing website without having to pay thousands of dollars for a web specialist to do this for me, or spend countless hours trying to figure it out myself?

A: We understand your frustration. It shouldn’t take a web design guru to run an online business. That is why we provide a service option that will take this task off of your plate! RevTech has a team of web designers that are looking forward to working with you. By allowing us to install the I-Taxulator program, you can be rest assured that everything is working correctly and your site has no significant down time.

RevTech wants our customers to focus on growing their businesses - not on state and local tax laws. Stop trying to manage sales taxes yourself. File right the first time with I-Taxulator.

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